Celebrating Disability Pride Month: Dani Morsberger on Disability Awareness and Theology (Ep 36)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Celebrating Disability Pride Month: Dani Morsberger on Disability Awareness and Theology (Ep 36)

In this Episode:

Jonny interviews our friend Dani on a host of topics revolving around disabilities, including a deeper education on Disability Pride Month, ways of understanding how to better organize our world for disabled people, challenging ableist mindsets, and how all of us can get involved in the cause. They also get deep into Disability Theology and how Jesus navigates disabilities in the Bible, treating people in a revolutionary way that allows those who were outcasted to rejoin their communities. Dani brings it with her rich education and wisdom on disabilities, sharing some of her own personal journey and experiences as well.

Also, the pastors follow-up with an email on our Melissa Florer-Bixler interview, and they end the time with a little Spiritual Show and Tell on beach trips, poems, and data crunching!


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