Food, Faith, and Giving What We Got w/ Bobby Saritsoglou (Ep 38)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Food, Faith, and Giving What We Got w/ Bobby Saritsoglou (Ep 38)

In this Episode:

Interview with highly-esteemed Chef Bobby Saritsoglou. He is the chef and co-owner, along with his wife Christina, of the Philadelphia restaurant, Stina Pizzeria, which has been critically acclaimed by food critic Craig Laban, Philadelphia Magazine, Philly Eater and more! Bobby has been a member and friend of Circle of Hope for a long time, and he sits down with Rachel to talk about food, faith, the restaurant business, and what Stina’s been up to. It’s a great and funny interview with this talented artist.

More about Bobby from the Stina website: “Chef Bobby Saritsoglou has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. As Chef of establishments earning Philadelphia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants two years in a row, his cooking has received high accolades in local and national media. His Greek heritage enhances his love of cooking foods from the Mediterranean.”

More about Christina, his wife and co-owner, from the Stina website: “Christina Kallas Saritsoglou is co-founder and manager of Philly AIDS Thrift and has been an activist and community organizer in Philadelphia for over 30 years. She brings her love for community and service to Stina and its surrounding community.”

Also, Jonny and Julie talk about making space for people we haven’t met yet, and what that looks like. And a little Spiritual Show and Tell: high regards for Andrew’s cover of a Circle of Hope Audio Art worship song, “Make Us Whole.” Also, praise for our compassion team Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter’s recent efforts to practice reparations among us at Circle of Hope. We raised over $30,000 that was dispersed back to our Black CoH covenant members!


Interview with Bobby Saritsoglou:

Spiritual Show and Tell:

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