Freedom for the Oppressed: Jonny Rashid on reading the Bible (Ep 41)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Freedom for the Oppressed: Jonny Rashid on reading the Bible (Ep 41)

In this Episode:

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Ben interviews Jonny about the Bible. This is part of an ongoing series of each pastor sharing their take of how they approach and read scripture. Ben and Jonny discuss engaging with it earnestly and in community, relating it to our present context, leaving with a practical application, and more. Also, as always, a little talkback about the story of Jesus beginning his ministry, and some Spiritual Show and Tell: Rachel’s kitchen renovation project, George MacDonald and our Transhistorical Body, blog posts from our friends Jordan Burdge and Robert Buck, and Julie’s zinnias.


Interview with Jonny Rashid:

Spiritual Show and Tell:

Celebrating Our Transhistorical Body Blog

“When I can no more stir my soul to move, and life is but the ashes of a fire; when I can but remember that my heart once used to live and love, long and aspire- O, be thou then the first, the one thou art; be thou the calling, before all answering love, and in me wake hope, fear, boundless desire.” ― George MacDonald, The Diary of an Old Soul

Jordan Burdge’s blog:
Robert Buck’s blog:

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