God Hates Religion: Interview with Bruxy Cavey on the End of Religion (Ep 35)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · God Hates Religion: Interview with Bruxy Cavey on the End of Religion (Ep 35)

Since this interview, Bruxy Cavey has been investigated for sexual misconduct. The investigation had concluded and names Bruxy as guilty of sexual sen, sexual harassment, and an abuse of power. We do not think the investigation is clear enough though. Bruxy had a sexual relationship with a woman he was counseling when she was 23 and he was 46. Considering that he was a man, her pastor, and counseling her, this is plainly sexual abuse, and it’s important for us to name that.

In this Episode:

Bruxy Cavey, an Anabaptist pastor and part of the Meeting House church in Canada, drops in on our podcast this week. He’s here to discuss his new book The End of Religion. Bruxy and Jonny talk about faith traditions, religious people, spiritual family, creative engagement in loving our enemies, and questioning structures and systems that get in the way of following Jesus. And way way more!

About “The End of Religion”: “Cavey contends that the Jesus described in the Bible never intended to found a new religion; instead he hoped to break down the very idea of religion as a way to God. With a fresh perspective on biblical stories, Cavey paints a picture of the world God originally intended and still desires: a world without religion.”

Also, a touching follow-up on our disability theology convo from last episode, and a little Spiritual Show and Tell.


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