It’s Supposed to Be Fun, 2021: End of the Year Consolations and Desolations (Ep 48)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · It's Supposed to be Fun, 2021: End of the Year Consolations and Desolations (Ep 48)

In this Episode:

Starting off with some talkback, the pastors reflect on their advent journeys: how they saw God working through Advent, and what they are still longing for. Then, a reflection on 2021. A little like the Daily Examen by Ignatius Loyola, a process involving looking over your day and praying about it with God, the pastors do a Yearly Examen, recounting the year’s desolations and consolations. From the sorrow of the capitol insurrection and people leaving the church, to the joy of getting vaccinated and meeting in-person again, they dive in to ponder this roller coaster of a year and all the things to lament and praise. To wrap up, some Spiritual Show and Tell: a song from a Franciscan monk on YouTube, a freshly baked loaf of bread from a friend, and the new Circle of Hope Audio Art album.


Spiritual Show and Tell:

Receive Me (I’m Yours) – Brother Isaiah

We Are Not Separate – Circle of Hope Audio Art

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