On Affordable Housing in Philadelphia w/ Nora Lichtash (Ep 44)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · On Affordable Housing in Philadelphia w/ Nora Lichtash (Ep 44)

In this Episode:

Jonny interviews his friend Nora Lichtash about affordable housing in Philadelphia. Nora is the Director of the Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) in North Philly and serves on the Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities (PCAC) with Jonny. They talk about some of the landmark achievements of PCAC and the current campaigns they are working on. Nora also shares about the problem of gentrification in Philadelphia, how to talk to neighbors who resist new development in their neighborhoods, building power in communities and organizing, and more! A very informative must-listen interview from someone who has been living in Philadelphia for over 50 years.

Also in this episode, the pastors discuss the Phantom of the Opera and how to consume media with misogynist and racist tropes. And as always, we end with Spiritual Show and Tell: a video about George Washington Carver, the magnificence of the Rockies, the COVID vaccine for 5-11 year olds, Christmas music, and the Little Book of Conflict Transformation by John Lederach.


Interview with Nora Lichtash:

Nora Lichtash: [email protected]
PCAC: phillyaffordablecommunities.org/
WCRP: www.wcrpphila.org/

Spiritual Show and Tell:

Video: “People of Prayer George Washington Carver

The Little Book of Conflict Transformation by John Paul Lederach

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