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On Watershed Discipleship and Climate Change w/ Kristen Snow and Jeremy Avellino (Ep 37)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · On Watershed Discipleship and Climate Change w/ Kristen Snow and Jeremy Avellino (Ep 37)

In this Episode:

Jonny interviews our Watershed Discipleship Compassion Team. Our friends Kristen and Jeremy share their views on climate change as it is, and unique ways to combat it. But there’s more! They talk about decolonizing the land to view it in light of its waterways and other land formations, as opposed to our created boundary lines. Allowing the natural world to inform our perspective gives us a greater appreciation for it, and new insights into dismantling global warming. They also get into intersecting climate and environmentalism with other social justice issues, understanding how climate change deeply affects impoverished and BIPOC communities, and white supremacy and racism’s involvement in the climate crisis. A compelling must-listen interview from two great minds helping to lead us into a more sustainable future.

Also, pastors consider the question: what did you need or receive in your own faith development early on in your life? They recount the good and the bad in their formation from church experiences. And as always, we end with Spiritual Show and Tell: Bach, Nietzsche, Dear White Peacemakers and Osheta Moore, the recovery community in South Philly.



Spiritual Show and Tell:

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