Participatory Defense: Interview with Kris Eden on the justice system, community, and reconciliation (Ep 34)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Participatory Defense: Kris Eden on the justice system, community, and reconciliation (Ep 34)

In this Episode:

Interview with Kris Eden, one of our dear friends, and a major helper of the Participatory Defense Hub (along with our friends Bethany and Andrew!) in South Philadelphia.

Participatory Defense is a national movement dedicated to helping people who have criminal cases participate in their own defense. The Hubs come up with participatory strategies and resources that help to hold accountable the broken justice system, as people navigate it and present their cases.

Jonny and Kris dig in deep on the justice system and how it’s set up, Larry Krasner, Derek Chauvin and what would the Hub do, Jesus on the cross forgiving criminals, and other stories from the Hub.

Also in this episode, pastor’s get deep about Accessibility, Disability, and Theology, and ways of seeing the Bible through the Disability lens. Later, a little Spiritual Show and Tell: Spiritual Direction, a Palestinian cookbook, Dolly Parton, and worshiping from memory.


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