Shoutin’ in the Fire: Interview with Danté Stewart (Ep 59)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Shoutin' in the Fire: Interview with Danté Stewart (Ep 59)

In this Episode:

Interview with Danté Stewart on his book Shoutin’ In The Fire: An American Epistle. Danté and Jonny have an honest and vulnerable conversation about several topics, including their desire to assimilate to whiteness in the church when they were young, how the murders of black men by police officers affected Danté differently as he got older, how the works of liberation theologians changed his faith, and what it means to sing in our bondage. As always, Spiritual Show and Tell to end the episode: an unlikely Senator from West Virginia, Messiah (the TV series), and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Interview with Danté Stewart:

Danté Stewart’s Website
Danté on Instagram
Shoutin’ In The Fire: An American Epistle

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