Standing with Hagar: Interview with Angela Lam (Ep 56)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · Standing with Hagar: Interview with Angela Lam (Ep 56)

Content warning: this episode deals with clergy sexual abuse in religious institutions. If this topic is sensitive for you, feel free to skip the interview portion of the episode. If you’re a survivor of clergy abuse, Hagar’s Voice is here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, it would be our honor to bear witness to your story. Email [email protected].

In this Episode:

Interview with pastor, friend, and volunteer at Hagar’s Voice, Angela Lam. Angela shares about Hagar’s Voice – an organization that supports women and other people who are victims of clergy sexual abuse – and how it came to be. She talks her own story of abuse, talks about how patterns in the greater Church lead to abuse, what we can do as Christians to prevent it, how to take action when a victim comes forward, and more. It is a conversation that is important for all Christians to hear with very practical steps to apply.
Also in this episode, the pastors share some talkback from a Sunday meeting from a first-time visitor. As always, Spiritual Show and Tell to end the episode: MXPX, Ignatian Contemplation: Imaginative Prayer, and camping in the woods.


Interview with Angela Lam:

Prey Tell by Tiffany Bluhm
A Church Called Tov by Scot McKnight & Laura Barringer

7 Steps to Move the Needle of Safety for Women In Your Midst

Spiritual Show and Tell:


Ignatian Contemplation: Imaginative Prayer

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