The Making of Biblical Womanhood: Interview with Beth Allison Barr (Ep 42)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · The Making of Biblical Womanhood: Interview with Beth Allison Barr (Ep 42)

In this Episode:

Interview with professor and author Beth Allison Barr. Rachel and Jonny interview Beth on her book “The Making of Biblical Womanhood.” They talk about patriarchy in the church and in the Bible, medieval Christian women and dragon slayers, the history of gender-inclusive language in the Bible, how the industrial revolution changed the narrative around women’s roles, and more. It’s a rich interview full of history that challenges the patriarchal view of women’s roles in the church.

Also in this episode, the pastors talkback to an email they received from a friend in response to the previous podcast episode where Ben and Jonny discuss the Bible. Later, a little Spiritual Show and Tell: a poem about fatherhood from Poetry Magazine, a reminder of Sabbath and the gift of divine rest, Psalm 8, and bad jokes.


Interview with Beth Allison Barr:

Spiritual Show and Tell:

Psalm 8 (Jonny’s translation, with Robert Alter’s)
For the lead player, on the gittith, a David Psalm.

Lord, our Maker,
how majestic Your name in all the earth!
Whose splendor was told over the heavens.
From the mouth of babes and sucklings
You founded strength
on account of Your foes
to put an end to enemy and avenger.
When I see Your heavens, the work of You fingers,
the moon and the stars You fixed firm,
“What is a human being that You should note them,
And the mortal, that You pay them heed,
and You make them little less than the gods
with glory and grandeur You crown them?
You make them rule over the work of Your hands?
All things You set under their feet.
Sheep and oxen all together,
and also the beasts of their field,
birds of the heavens and fish of the sea,
what moves on the paths of the seas.”
Lord, our Maker,
how majestic Your name in all the earth!

The Hebrew Bible by Robert Alter:

Bad Jokes
Where does an 800 lb gorilla sleep? Anywhere it wants.
What kind of star wears sunglasses? A Movie star.
Who was the first animal in space? The cow that jumped over the moon.
What do you do when a monster sneezes? Get out of the way!
How do you talk to giants? Use BIG words.
What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You smoke too much.

Love Letter from Inside Fatherhood by Fritz Ward…e-fatherhood

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