The Spirit is doing a new thing | At-Home Sunday Meeting

From our At-Home Online Sunday Meeting, 6.27.21

The last week of our season We Didn’t Start the Fire, a celebration of Pentecost. God is doing something that is bigger than we have ever imagined. It’s gonna burn and transform no matter what. Nothing can extinguish what God has set in motion. Not even our own sense of being burned out. You are not the fire, you are the fuel. Receive the spark. Be fanned into flame. Shine as brightly as you do. Warm others with a heat you can’t explain or control.

“The spirit of Jesus draws us into proximity with each other and changes our hearts, breaks through barriers, draws us together into what God is doing next, right now.” Julie speaks in our final Sunday meeting during our Pentecost season. Also, our friends Nathan, Ben, and Meg help us to worship. And, our Circle Pride team, offers some reflection on how they’ve grown their team, created inviting space for LGBTQ+ community, and how the Spirit has been leading them.

About Circle Pride: Circle Pride is a mission team at Circle of Hope made up of queer folks and allies. Our goal is to connect with the LGBTQ+ community in Philadelphia in order to both grow the church in its inclusion of marginalized people, and to be an evident and queer-affirming presence in Philadelphia. We want to provide an inviting space for LGBTQ+ people who seek to explore their spirituality while also feeling fully affirmed and accepted in their identities. Sign up for our Circle Pride listserv.

About our At-Home Meeting: We didn’t make this in a studio, we made this in our real life. And we made it for you. We want to actually connect online. Some people are just checking us out and may connect with one of our other expressions in Circle of Hope, and that is great, but we think something is happening right here—and you can be a part of it right now! It’s totally fine to just watch, but you can also us in the live chat no matter where you are coming from as we experience the meeting together. We want to know you. Come to the second half of the meeting in the Zoom afterhang, every Sunday at 5:40pm, right after the YouTube premiere. Let’s connect.

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