When We Belong: Interview with Rohadi Nagassar (Ep 62)

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Resist and Restore: a spiritual life podcast · When We Belong: Interview with Rohadi Nagassar (Ep 62)

In this Episode:

Interview with author and pastor Rohadi Nagassar. Jonny interviews Rohadi on his book “When We Belong.” They delve into ideas about belonging in a church as a racial/sexual/gender minority, deconstruction of beliefs, exceptionalism, and more. It is a special interview. The pastors also share some talkback from the last episode, and as always, end the episode with a little Spiritual Show and Tell: meeting new people, and a website where you can listen to forests.


Interview with Rohadi Nagassar:

Rohadi on Twitter
Rohadi on Instagram

When We Belong


Spiritual Show and Tell:

Bear Cam in Brooks Fall, Alaska

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