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Getting to Know the Bible

  • June 24 | 8pm | Online | Register Here
  • On: John and his Community (John, 1, 2, 3 & John and Revelation)

One of our proverbs is “The Bible should be known and followed, and that is a group project.” Our Gifts for Growing “Getting to Know the Bible” series is working on that group project. Our pastors hope to make a non-intimidating, entry point that gives people a good foundation for their own Bible study. Circle of Hope has a welcome approach to the Bible that gives room for a lot of perspectives at the table because we really trust that Jesus is here at the table with us. You don’t have to pass a test; you get to test your assumptions and preconceived notions in a safe environment for exploration.

Basic Budget Workshop

Help for managing personal finances. This is good for people recently “on their own” and for people taking first steps in developing a faithful way with their money.