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Audio Art

Circle of Hope Audio Art is a non-profit mission team of Circle of Hope in Philadelphia and South Jersey. We are trying a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training and edification. We are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial.



Welcome to Resist and Restore, a podcast by Circle of Hope. We're extending the table of our dialogue! Tune in bi-weekly as the Circle of Hope pastors—Rachel, Julie, and Jonny—sit down to dialogue about faith, God, Jesus, the spiritual life, and everything in between. You can also listen to the talks given by the pastors each Sunday on our Sunday Meeting podcast. New episodes are uploaded every Monday. Available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.


Circle of Hope Blog

A good place to start and a great way to get to know us. A feed of resources from an assortment of sources across Circle of Hope.

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Daily Prayer: Wind

For everyone who is taking their next steps of faith or first steps into a relationship with Circle of Hope.

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Daily Prayer: Water

Many different voices who are being asked to take a week or two at a time to lead us in a lifelong journey of faith.

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Way of Jesus & More

Our life of faith is all about moving along the way of Jesus. The Way of Jesus website is all about helping each other get “from here to there” along that way. Following Jesus develops like all human development. We see ourselves moving from earth to wind to fire to water in an ongoing, organic process of receiving and enjoying our new, true selves in Jesus. God bless you all along the way! Also, want to learn more and connect in other ways? We have a much deeper website of even more ways to grow and learn. Click below to check it out.